Poster Printing

There are many great advantages to investing in poster printing. Having posters printed allows you to reach large numbers of people and quickly explain the benefits of choosing your products and services over those of the competition. An impressively-designed poster can play a pivotal role in driving sales and boosting customer engagement levels, and when your poster is placed in a high-traffic area you can generate a real buzz around your company.

Posters don’t have to be expensive to deliver the results that you are seeking. If you have a physical store and place your poster nearby, you can generate an immediate visit to your premises. Additionally, the nature of today’s digital world means the presence of a poster can encourage the public to head straight to your website via their smartphone or tablet and buy your products. It’s always wise to place posters where you think your target audience will be. If you are targeting a young adult audience, you may wish to place your poster near a university or a nightclub. Should you be offering services to parents, you may opt to position your poster near a nursery or even inside if you have permission from the management.

There are many options available to you when it comes to size. If you wish to send your posters out as mailers or wish to attach them to noticeboards, small will be best, but if you’re opting for huge visibility and more flexibility in terms of design, you will need to go big. There are certain restrictions on where you can and can’t place your posters when it comes to public spaces, so you may need to contact your local authority before you put them in position. You may be able to secure a deal with a small-to-medium business that enables you to place your posters on their site. Offering discounts and other incentives can be helpful. You may also wish to swap posters with other small-to-medium businesses and host theirs on your site if applicable.

Posters can be seen around the clock and have lengthier visibility than ads placed in newspapers which are normally disposed of the next day and can also be much cheaper than online ads. One single poster can cost a nominal one-off figure to produce yet can be seen by hundreds or even thousands of people. Whilst many online ads can seem dubious, posters placed in real-life environments tend to be seen as credible and help companies build trust amongst their intended audiences.

At InkTree, we can cater for you if you’ve been looking for a reputable poster printing company. We are able to offer posters in popular sizes ranging from A3 to A0 and can normally offer a 24-hour turnaround. Should you also require design services, this is also something that we can assist you with. Alternatively, you can send your completed designs to us and let us do the rest. Posters can be laminated and even mounted onto foamex board to make them stand the test of time. Contact us today to find out more.

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