Leaflet Printing

Leaflets come in all shapes and sizes, with a variety of purposes and are a really useful marketing tool for your business. We can help you ask (and answer!) some of the questions you need to think about, such as: Is your flyer going to be handed out in your business, posted out or given out in a publication? Is it flat or folded? Has it got to fit in an envelope? Does it work with your branding?

We can help with all of these decisions and others to produce a leaflet that really works as an effective marketing tool. We can take your images and text and make them look really professional and in keeping with your other collateral or simply print something you have designed yourself – choose from gloss or silk coated material or something a bit more rustic, like our uncoated stocks.  Good design can really make a difference and make your leaflet much more professional, and can cost less than you think.

Why not think about personalising your leaflet or flyer to make it a really effective piece of direct mail – have a chat with us at either of our Birmingham centres for ideas to help with leaflet printing.

We have lots of samples in our centres of work we have done for our customers and would love to see you and discuss your flyer printing and come up with marketing materials that really work for your business.  And we can be versatile with how many you need too – we can start small if needs be or print for a big mail out or newspaper campaign.

Stylish and effective leaflet printing

Leaflets offer a quick and cost-effective way to deliver a marketing message. Unlike most types of marketing communication, you can ensure that a well-designed leaflet will reach its target audience and deliver the message you want them to hear. They are significantly cheaper than almost any other type of marketing you can think of and have a relatively good response rate, so the return on your investment is high.

These products have a wide range of applications and can be as creative as you like with an appearance and message that stands out from the crowd. You can incorporate technology to create interactive campaigns, with quick response QR codes that drive traffic to your website. Unlike other media, there are no restrictions on word count, and a leaflet can include as much information as you’d like, which the reader can digest at their own leisure. Modern leaflet design can include many different finishes and formats, which can be tailored to your distribution methods.

Leaflets are effective when used to advertise products, services and events. They both help you sell to customers and reach out to new prospects who will later become customers. They are perfect if you are looking to reduce your marketing spend while seeing an improved return on your investment. You can also use a folded leaflet format for many other purposes, including new menus, newsletters, questionnaires and guides. You might also be looking for a leaflet or flyer to announce your latest promotion or sale.

While you can design them for free using a desk-top publishing programme, this runs the risk that it will be discarded if it’s not eye-catching or interesting enough to compete. The quality of the printing will also make a difference to how the audience views your products and services. This is where the help of an expert leaflet design and printing company come in. Find the right leaflet printing service and you can have your eye-catching leaflet printed onto high-quality stock using rich and vibrant colours, all for a reasonable price.

InkTree has more than 30 years’ experience of print and design work. Based in Moseley Road in Digbeth, we deliver high-impact marketing materials and signage for far less outlay and with a much quicker turnaround than you’d expect.

Why choose InkTree for your leaflet printing?

With InkTree, a professional-looking and effective marketing leaflet is less expensive than you’d think. Our graphic design team has a vast experience of leaflet production, working on jobs big and small for all types of organisations. Past clients have included Aston University, Bromsgrove School and Mercure Hotels, to name just a few.

We can help you make all the important decisions. Does your business need a re-brand, or simply a bit of an update to move with the times? What are your reasons for producing a leaflet? How will you deliver it to people (mailout, insert or hand-delivered)? Is it flat or folded? What kind of finish would you like (we offer a choice of gloss or silk coated material, alongside our rustic uncoated stocks)? We can then provide you with samples and discuss what you have in mind.

Whether you’re looking for wedding invites, business banners, exhibition stands, a staff handbook or same-day print and copying services, InkTree has the expertise to provide you with fabulous designs and production for affordable prices. Our service is personal, with creativity, integrity and experience. Simply drop us an email or give us a call with your idea and we’ll be happy to help.

Get in touch with InkTree in Digbeth today, for all your leaflet printing needs.

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