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Do you need to promote an event to everyone driving or walking past your business? Do you want to let all your customers know that you are offering something new?  We can help!

Banners allow you to create extra exposure for your products and services and have continued to retain their popularity and efficiency even in today’s digital world. One reason using banners is such a popular method of gaining exposure is that they are incredibly affordable. Banners are not expensive to produce, yet they can put you in the minds of hundreds or even thousands of people who may have never found out about the services you offer otherwise.

Create extra exposure

Banners can be placed in all sorts of environments, including at trade shows, road sides, outside your physical shop and much more. If your banner is placed in a high-traffic environment, many potential customers will see it time and time again until your message starts to linger in their minds. Banners are also reusable, so you can continue to use them for extended periods of time and at numerous events if you wish to. By adding eye-catching graphics to your banner, you can increase the chances of sales being made and customer reach expanding.

A gently persuasive solution

Vinyl banners also allow you to showcase your brand without deploying pushy or aggressive sales tactics so customers don’t feel pressured into using your services. You can even use multiple banners to engage with different parts of your target audience, such as customers of different age groups. Just make sure your logos and other elements of your branding are consistent so people know they are dealing with the same company.

Professionalism and credibility

Banners also add credibility to your brand and show customers that you have been prepared to invest in quality advertising materials. Companies that purchase professional-looking advertising materials are much more likely to leave a lasting impression on the public than those that don’t. Banners are also quick to produce which means you don’t need to be left waiting around for weeks to obtain your advertising resources.

Why InkTree?

InkTree is a market-leading supplier and manufacturer of custom banner, vinyl banners, advertising banners, personalised banners, event banners and much more. Our banners can be used in outdoor and indoor environments, and we can add your own designs to your banner or come up with something suitable ourselves if you wish. We are renowned for our highly-impressive design services and can create graphics that elevate your reputation and emphasise your professionalism. We have designed and printed banners for hotels promoting wedding fairs, tribute nights and Christmas entertainment as well as businesses under new management and restaurants advertising at food shows.  Maybe your business is running a new marketing campaign and you want to promote it to all those prospective customers who drive past every day? We can design and print vinyl banners to use outside, that will really last (even in the great British weather!) or pull up banners and pop up stands of all sizes. Just let us know the size you need (or ask for advice if you’re not sure) and we can give you an idea of cost.

Getting in touch

At InkTree, we have designed and printed banners for companies for a wide range of industries, including events organisations, restaurants and many more. We can work closely alongside you to create the perfect advertising materials for your campaign and can also help if you’re in need of pull up banners and pop-up stands. You can count on us to help you get your message across quickly and powerfully, so the public is left in no doubt as to what your company does, how to get in touch and why they should choose you over the competition.

To find out more, call us on 0121 622 6668 or send an e-mail to

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