We’ve made it to our second edition of our newsletter, which is written on an ‘occasional’ basis! It’s printed and we’ve mailed it out to most of our customers – if you’d like one, but haven’t had one, then please drop me an email on and we can post one out to you. There’s another competition this time (we’ve already had a few entries) and you could win some luxury chocolates.  We decided on a food theme this time, so the answers are all based around food, yum :)

If you fancy having a go at a newsletter for your own business or organisation, there are lots of tips on the internet and it can be a good way to keep in touch with your customers. Being printers (!) we think it’s nice to have one that you can hold and feel and not just an email version.  And, it’s a good excuse to have a break for a few minutes and read through (and not just get deleted from the always busy inbox!)  But, don’t forget we can help if you need help with formatting  and sending a newsletter to all your customers, either by email or a printed paper copy.

Time to think of some new ideas for the next one then!


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